DWTS A New Season, A New Bitchfest

Seriously…how come the judges on DWTS are so mean?  Is it to create controversy?  Bruno was a bastard toward The Situation.   So much so that grumpy grampy Len said something to him.  Hey, I’m not a fan of The Situation but did Bruno have to be that awful?  Me thinks not.

So who did I like…why that would have been one Ms. Jennifer Grey with Bristol Palin coming in a close second.  Bristol has the foot work down…she’s a good dancer it’s just the upper part of her body that sends off the message…AHHHHHH I’m scared I’m going to fuck-up.  She’s only going to get better and I agree with Carrie Ann that she reminds me of Kelly Osbourne…the Engine that Could.  I always enjoyed watching Kelly dance but she never gained the confidence in herself that her dancing was as good as it was.

I did like that Basketball dude too.  Don’t know his name but for 6’7″ he’s got it going on in gracefulness.  Since I know his name I’ll just call him the Jolly Green Giant…HO HO HO!

Yes the JGG hand is brown...Someone forgot to water him.

This season is much more watchable than last season where I knew Nicole would win from the first dance.  Seriously what’s the fun in watching when you already know the outcome.



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