The One Where I Crap All Day

Last week was an amazingly relaxing and at time extremely joyous time.  Vacations are like that.  The break from the realities of stress and deadlines is a wonderful thing.  I fall cleaned the house…yay for me!  I also ran errands which is good but not as awesome as cleaning because any one who knows me knows I love to clean.  Yeah…I’m a freak Internet…don’t be hatin’!  Niecy Nash could come to my house to you know…have a cup of joe without having to say…OMG!  Look at this place! Unless she like said it in a happy tone which was followed by angelic music.  Any way, as always I’m off track.

For my Birthday one of my gifts from Bean was chopsticks. Oh yeah I forgot to mention my birthday was last week, lol.  What was awesome is that she got chopsticks for herself.  She’s never used them and wanted to learn how.  I was selling her on the awesomeness of chopsticks and how it makes the Chinese food more Chineseyish when you eat it with Chopsticks.  It totally does…totally.  Last night she used her’s for the first time.  I took a picture of her using them but since I left the camera at home I offer you this picture as a representation of her eating with chopsticks.

A Bean Representation of Chopstick usage!

You know this isn’t Bean because Bean is really, really cute!  Anyway…she did awesome.  The dogs were feeling sadness by the lack of food on the floor though.

Yesterday I was taking craps like I had saved it up all year-long and yesterday was the day to release it back into the world.  I’m lactose intolerant and had cheese the night before so I figured innocently enough that it was from that.  Bean made these tasty treats that we took to the party with us and she made extra for home.  They were sooooo good!!!  Anyway, yesterday coincidentally Bean had been feeding me these tasty treats when I realize I had to take another crap.  I had been going all morning.  I said as I got up to go to the bathroom…”It must have been from the cheese last night.”  Bean turns to me and says…’Or its from the cheese in the cups.’  I apparently then had the funniest facial expression as I counter with “There was cheese in those things?”  Bean who had begun laughing said ‘Yes didn’t you notice when I was making them?’  Uh…the answer to that question was NO!  So while took yet another crap Bean laughed her ass off.  It’s true she has no more ass left because she laughed it right off.

Moral…If it tastes wicked awesome…its probably got cheese in it!


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