The Shrimp of The Cheesy Birthday

Yeah…it’s a crappy title but I’m a year older now so stop judging me internet!

For my birthday my love Bean took me to the Melting Pot for Fondue.  It really should be called FUNdue but for some strange reason it’s not.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but from the second we walked into the restaurant I felt like Queen of the FUNdue!  We had a nice quiet out-of-the-way booth and the Fun started.

So remember how I don’t like seafood.  Yeah…I still don’t but Bean asked me very nicely to try the shrimp so I did because lets face it I just can’t say no to her she’s too damn cute.  So here is me eating a Shrimp that I can confirm I still do not like, lol.

Then the chocolate came to the table and the party switched into full gear!!

And just for fun before our dinner of FUNdue began I asked her if we should cook Bjorn for fun…Bean said no because he might not like that very much but I did take a picture of him in the pot…He looks really nervous, lol.

Go to The Melting Pot people…its awesome and FUNduettle!!!


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  1. My God. Everyone I know has a birthday this month but me! Happy Birthday kiddo. I think for my birthday though, I would’ve gone straight to the chocolate, screw the shrimp if you didn’t like it. It’s nice you were a good sport for your young one. It’s obvious that you’re a good parental unit.

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