The Living in the Shoe Deficit

I grew up in a big family.  Which makes my Mother the little old woman who lived in a Shoe.   Sure we didn’t have as many kids as the Duggards…seriously Jim Bob your wife is falling apart having these kids the least you could do is wear a condom!!!  I digress.

Anyway, there were many things that kids get today that my poor sleep-deprived-over stimulated with children Mother didn’t get to do with the younger squirrels in our litter.  One of those said things was puzzles.  My Mum was lucky to have her wits about her (as she would say) so a puzzle would have really put the poor woman over the edge.  I also didn’t know any nursery rhymes but that’s a separate blog.

Bean loves the puzzles and was shocked to hear I had never done a puzzle before.  I have now (with a lot of help from Bean) done my first puzzle.  Without further adieu…Jenn’s First Puzzle!!!  Dum, dum, dum…insert thunderous applause…and finally a bow.  Thank you, thank you, thank you all!!!!

Check out Bean in this picture!!!

You know how I blogged about Rosa (My Monkey)?  Well it seems that Satan Dog has it in her head to keep trying to steal My Monkey!  I know she’s cute an all but she’s MY Monkey…not Satan Dog’s monkey.  Yes…I refuse to share with her for two reasons…Bean gave me My Monkey and the second is its MY MONKEY!!

Look they have the same bug eyes! Long lost siblings separated at birth?? Call Jerry Springer!

I did promise to get Satan Dog her own monkey…eventually 😉


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