iCarly’s Zombie Survival Weekend

I’ve gotten hooked on the show iCarly.  Yes I know it’s a kids show…stop judging okay!  On Saturday night, Glee’s Jane Lynch made a guest appearance on iCarly as Sam’s Mom.  Oddly enough the episode was entitled iSam.  Those Nick writers are oh so very cleaver.  But I digress.

Jane Lynch on iCarly

I ♥ Jane Lynch.  When she was on the L-Word I thought she was a hoot and half as the lawyer chick.  She was hysterical as Sam’s Mom.  “Come give me a hug you little Turd!”  she said to Sam at the end of the show…CLASSIC!

I’m a fan of this show because it’s funny, the kids are appealing and it reminds me of the old classic sitcoms of years ago.  Now-a-days the shows seem to be more about romantic entanglements and less about family funny stuff.  I enjoy the modern spin on the Partridge Familyish.  Carly is an internet sensation not a musicfiend…just a subtle difference there, lol.

I highlighted Saturday’s adventure here concerning the most expensive candy corn known to human kind but I didn’t highlight that my beloved Bean gave me something special…my very own Monkey.  She’s cute and her name is Rosa.  Oh you want to see how awesomely cute she is because you don’t believe how awesomely cute I know her to be…fine…here she is 🙂

Hola...mi llamo es Rosa!

So I know she was in my Elton John’s sister picture but you just can’t really embrace the cuteness factor because you are distracted by my yellow glasses and drool.  And yes FB friends I really did say “what…huh?…what’s happened…why is everything so yellow?” when I woke up!  Yep…I’m cool like that!

On Sunday we took the adventure to the book store.  Yes it was a blast…hello…it’s books y’all!!!  I got “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” cause it’s an awesome book with stickers and some non kids books too.  Apparently, September is Zombie month at BnN.  Who knew.   They are really pushing Zombie safety and preparedness in the month as is evident in this photo….

The Zombies are coming...The Zombies are coming...where's my torch?

But also intriguing is the deepness of said Zombies with this book on Zombie Haiku’s.

I guess Zombies are well read but seriously they should see a speech therapist.

This is the COMPLETE Protection from the Living Dead and the other book was written by the INSTITUTE for Undead Combat Studies...AWESOME!!

One Million of the Survival Guides sold people.  Thank goodness for The Bloggess or I could have become a Zombie statistic.  Thank You Jenny The Bloggess where ever you are…in that place where you live… in that town over there!



  1. The Zombie Survival Guide is actually a really entertaining read. And it does contain some practical advice if, you know, the undead ever do decide that this is the right time to attack.

    Also, Max Brooks is a genius.

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