Adult Fiber Workshops?

We got the township gazette that offers classes in this and that and the one that jumped out at me was Adult Fiber Workshops.  ‘What is this?’ I thought to myself.  Could this have been some sort of program for middle-aged constipated residents of our fair valley?

Um…No!  It’s an art class using fabrics, glue, heat bond and stuff like that.  Personally I’m relieved.  Who would want to be in a room with a bunch of folks who can’t poop.

This all lead me to remember yesterday’s post about poor Mabel.  What is with pooping this week?  Seriously!

While I Googled for some pictures of Adult Fiber Workshops the weirdest stuff came up.  Like this little ditty…”Spinning Dog and Cat Hair — Spin a special yarn from your precious pet’s hair.”
or…”The Care and Feeding of Angora Yarn.”

My favorite picture was this guy….

Hello I'm a sad little man doll. WTF?

What’s with the blue tears?  He’s covered in them.  This little guy must be manic-depressive or something.  Any who…Adult Fiber Workshops aren’t what I thought they were.



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