A Pruney Affair

Bean and I were at the grocery store buying…you know…don’t make me say…ut duh…Groceries.  We were in the juice isle when I looked over to see the cutest little old white haired lady I’m going to call Mabel.  Well Mabel was reading intently the label on the bottle of prune juice she held in her hands.  It all appeared to be very serious business.

This is Not the actual "Mabel". The real "Mabel" was less happy cause I think she needed to poop real bad 🙂

Then I looked at the items in her mini cart (Oh just for the record I ♥ the mini cart) she had Metamucil, real prunes, packaged prunes of three varieties, a box of laxatives and of course she was perusing the prune juice.  I then felt bad for Mabel.

Oh so Pruney!

If it was all for her poor Mabel appeared to be backed up for like the last year if it wasn’t for her then poor Mabel was going to have to deal with the aftermath of Poopaggedon 2010.  I’ve been there and let me tell you it’s not pretty…unless you say it’s pretty disgusting then yes it is very pretty.

I love this woman!

After allowing my brain to marinated on Mabel’s troubles I came to a conclusion…me being inquisitive is just freaky and I should stop it.  Then I had a second thought.  If I wasn’t freaky what would I blog about.  Seriously…Poop Blogging is awesome, right?

Great now I need to take a poo.  This one’s for you Mabel Idon’treallyknowhername I hope you enjoyed yours as I’m sure I’ll enjoy mine!


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