Homless Lesbians and Sheepish Looking Deer

Yes these two things kind of go together.  First let me start with the Sheepish looking Deer.

"I am not a deer you fool!"

Bean and I were driving on the back country roads of out-of-town and there is the gigantic farm that lines the road from here to there.  They have cows and sheep and I’m pretty sure I saw a burro, as well as, Corn and the vegetable like.  As I navigated the 4-wheel sleigh along said country road from here to there I pointed out to Bean, “hey, look at the deer all smushed up against the fence.”   She looked at me quizzically.  “Right over there do you see them?”  I said again looking at the fence and back to Bean.  Her reply, ‘Okay Hon but how about you look at the road.’  I looked out the windshield to discover I was driving in the wrong lane.  That’s the great thing about Bean…she doesn’t panic, lol.  So I corrected my navigational mistake and kept talking about the white deer.  “Did you see them?” I asked again.  ‘Yes, but Honey they weren’t deer…they were sheep.’  My reply…”oh what did I say?”  ‘You said deer.  They were sheep.’  What can I say I’m very special that way!  I think that the FFA might want to expel me from the ranks now, lol.

Google suggested these 'Homeless Lesbians' but I think these lesbians are too well dressed to be homeless. Just saying, lol.

I’ve been getting rid of a few things (clothes, books, etc.)  over the last several weeks.  Being rather lazy I left the pile of clothes on the dresser.  Bean told me that their was a Good Will box in the shopping center where the grocery store is and we could just pop them in the box while we were out.  Some of the clothes  were a little too butch for anyone’s taste and since I’m trying to go the other way on the Lesbian number scale I was parting with my denim and flannel shirts.  Well we were heading out and Mickie was being the usual satan dog and I got distracted and I forgot something.  I dropped the lesbian bag of clothes and headed back inside.  Unfortunately Bean had no idea what was in the bag and thought it was trash and discarded the bag in the trash bin.

We got to the Good Will box and I unloaded the clothes that Bean was getting rid of and I asked her where my bag was.  She said ‘what bag?’  I realized I didn’t pick it up and probably left it in the hall.  ‘Oh that bag I threw it out…it was trash…right?’  I started to laugh.  “No that was my bag of butch lesbian clothes.” I said.  She felt bad and of course I had to just give her a dig.  “Oh well, now the homeless lesbians will be naked.”  We continued to have a chuckle over the whole thing. But don’t you worry about those homeless lesbians y’all…I’ve got a ton more clothes for them and so the next time you see a homeless lesbian just remember one thing…that’s what I used to look like, lol.  🙂

p.s.  A HUGE thanks to Bean for killing 3 spiders yesterday.   One of them was sort of the size of that one in that 50’s movie that suffered radiation exposure.  It was freaking gigantic!!!



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