Sitting On The Dock of the Bay Window

Bean and I were listening to the styling of Mr. Otis Redding in the car and this lead to a conversation of how awesome it would be to just do that this week instead of working.  But it wasn’t in the cards for us to just blow off the week.  We can dream can’t we?

Sitting On The Dock of the Bay...with Bean 🙂

Then I started to think of all the dock of the bays we could be sitting on and then I was over taken by the deep need for sparkling blue waters.  I always enjoyed Bermuda…but the Bahamas are only 2 hours away via plane.  St. Thomas has some really cool Jimmy Buffett vibes going as do the Florida Keys.  Just sitting on the dock listening to the tide roll away would be really awesome…well right until the weather guy interrupted my dreams with mention of Hurricane Earl.  Dude seriously way to go all Brain Cloud on my visions of happiness.

So for right now I’m sitting at the dock of my bay window looking at a picture of Horshoe Bay beach and think what smacked ass came up with Earl for the name of the “E” hurricane???  Seriously…you’ve got to be kidding me!


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