The Troll Mocks Me Part II

You didn’t know that Bjorn could mock me more than once from a hundred miles away.  Yes apparently he can and he’s even got the government backing him in is maneuvers to steal Bean from me!  Damn you Uncle Sam in your complacency! LOL.

I received the following Postcards from my Hairy Norwegian friend Bjorn (See here for his vacation exploits)!

Oh are funny.

Does anyone know a Troll Hitman?

Okay...It's on Pally!

Stay away from Bean...she's too good for the likes of you!

Bean and Bjorn came home and they were NOT really married.  Bean only found out about the whole thing just before she got home.  She laughed and laughed while I made Bjorn do my laundry because he’s a smart ass, lol.

Bjorn and Bean had a great time on vacation and I wasn’t too angry at the little bugger.  We all went to the Drive-in together on Friday night so it’s all good now.  Well right up until he decided sitting between me and Bean was an awesome idea.  I left his ass at the concession stand just for fun!

p.s.  How awesome is this news story?  Well the title is awesome!

“Minneapolis will pay $165,000 to Zombies”

And of course the comments section is filled with Zombieness too.

“Blood sucking zombie lawyers

I wonder if the zombies will protest when they discover that their lawyer is getting $164,995 of the $165K?”


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