Happy Birthday Gidget!

Today is my baby sisters birthday.  Happy Birthday Kiddo!  So days blog is about…well…HER!

I'll Always Remember the both of them just like this 🙂

I remember when Gidget came home from hospital after her birth.  I was four and was slightly disappointed she wasn’t a boy.  I remember telling my Mom to send her back and get me a broder.  Yeah I was a not so cute child.  As the days went on I became attached the little cherub.  Seriously she look just like Cupid when she was a baby with all that blonde curly hair!

My Sister has some amazing qualities but her greatest is her ability to love.  I’m glad she’s my sister and count myself blessed!

So Happy Birthday Gidget!  Remember the sunscreen (we’re Irish) and when you are having an ice tea later today…remember your big sister loves you!


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