The Sunday Book of Lists

But like…on a Tuesday.

I read this book once by my most favorite fantabulous author…Ms. Kris Radish and it is called “The Sunday Book of Lists”.  It resonated with me for a lot of reasons but mostly because I’ve kept books with lists of things.   Yes, I’m a list gal.  And for anyone who has read the book…no I do not secretly run a porn store out of my garage.

I’ve got my life list that I’ve subtracted from and added to over the years (Two things crossed off in the last month…YEAH ME!).  I’ve got the requisite shopping lists, list for the days activities, lists for lists and then there are the list of quotes, words, and a mish-mash of other listable stuff.

Making My Lists and Checking Them Twice

I even have a copy book filled with observations.  Things I’ve written while people watching or just thoughts I had at a time when I was alone somewhere.

Where did I get this listing of lists stim?  Well I thought about it last night (while adding to the Bean Lists),  I think it’s because my Mother had Alzheimer’s.  I was never organized before then.  I rarely knew were my glasses or keys were.  I upheld Oscar Madison as a role model for my future in house cleaning.  I was in short a Slob.  It’s okay…feel free to judge me I’m okay with that.  Mom’s disease made me organized and really it’s not a bad thing.  It does though make me a little less spontaneous.  I miss that.

I think I’m going to put that on my list…Be more spontaneous!  Wish me luck!



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