She says 7…I say 5

There are many things I haven’t done in my life and having my toes painted is one of them.  I’ve never exactly been an extreme girly girl but I do wear dresses and on occasion make up (rare occasion).

Bean and her friend Wonder Woman thought it would been interesting to paint my toes.  I wasn’t exactly comfortable with this proposition, having never done it before.  Bean used the Vulcan Mind Meld on me and the next thing you know…I have pink toes.

I say this is a girly girl moment!

I think I’m bit self conscience of my feet being awful looking to begin with.  I’ve managed to break almost everyone of my toes in my youth due to sports so they kind of look funny to begin with but I think the Pink makes them look betterer.

I totally think that this new development takes me to a 5 but Bean says I’m still a 7.  I’m going to start carrying a purse!!! LOL…Crazy right?



  1. First off my friend is going to love that her name is Wonder Woman… and I was hoping the title would be “The One Where Bean Makes Me Get My Toes Done”…. if you really want to be a five then u can be a five…. I can’t believe u have such a complex about it!!!!

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