Satan…Mickie Be Thy Name

Satan Dog is cramping my style.  So y’all know how I have one good dog and one dog that is…well…a former sexually repressed nun reincarnated into a little dog?  Perhaps you might remember them now.

"Say hello to my little friend"

Anyway…Mickie likes to bark at everyone.  Once she starts barking she can’t stop.  She goes insane and loses a connection to reality.  Yeah…annoying right?  Well she barks when people enter our home, she barks at my brother when he comes to stay with me, and the worst of all…She barks at Bean.  The last one is not acceptable.

Mickie is over protective of me even if I do not want her to be.  I keep telling her I’m going to sell her for parts but she just cocks her head and gives me a goofy stare.  Yep all that inbreeding is awesome…NOT!

The rat is really crimping my style!  At this point she’s just lucky I love her…just saying!

p.s.  Jamie Moyer got hurt and when Jamie hurts we all hurt!


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