OMG That Was Awesome

Last night Bean and I went out to dinner with some of her work mates.  We went to a restaurant I hadn’t been for years and let me tell you the food was Fucking Awesome!  You know that moment you put food into your mouth and the party kicks off…yeah it was just like that.

We had wings.  You know, wings as in it’s not a complicated food…wings.  Nope it was more than that…it was F-ing awesome.

Hey Catch Batman...he stole my awesome wings!

Not wanting her work friends to think I’m a lunatic just escaped from Arkhum Asylum I kept my over all review of the wings to myself.  But once we were in the car I was like…”Those wings were extremely tasty”.  I was waiting for her to pat me on the head, lol.  Why…yes…I am a dork.

Maybe tonight I’ll get really stepping and have chocolate ice cream 😉

p.s.  Yeah that’s not happening…Lactose Intolerant y’all 😦

p.s.s. WTF is going on with the Phillies?



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