We only got 86,400 seconds in a day

I was thinking about all the stupid stuff in my life that has dragged me down to a place I never wanted to be.  When a person is happy and content it’s much easier to look back and wonder why all the stupid crap mattered in the first place.

There were moments I would reflect and say I can’t believe that or WTF was that all about and now I think…It’s going to be a good day and I can hear in the back of my mind a laugh, see a look, a moment and say I got the most out of my 86,400 seconds.  Today, yep today is another good day in my life.  I wish that for everyone.

Smile y'all!

p.s.  It was a Zombie free weekend…I think they all went to the Shore for some cocktails and midnight foot drags on the beach 😉



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