Holy Katzenjammer Kids!

The Katzenjammer Kids
Am I dating myself?  I do that sometimes.  Okay the Katzenjammer Kids first came out in comics in 1897 so I’m probably not dating myself.  Or I might be a Zombie so I could be over 100 years old and thus actually dating myself.    Not dating myself like dinner and wine…you know like I’m wicked super old.  Sheesh!

I once had a client of mine ask me what music I had playing in the background.  I replied, ‘oh, that’s Benny Goodman…I think he’s the cat’s meow’.  She then asked me how old I was…at the time I was 24.   It’s one of the awesome benefits of having older parents.  My folks were born in the early 20th century so the 1930’s and 1940’s were the rage in our house, from music to movies and every thing in between.  I really dig that!

Swing it Baby!

So this weekend this Zombie/possibly Humanoid will be watching an array of movies from the 30’s and 40’s…I think I’ll start with Ms. Deanna Durbin’s Three Smart Girls!  That Deanna is the bees knees!


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