They’re The Cats Meow

My family is pretty cool.  I’m lucky to have known so many of the older folks before they died.  I’ve been trying to put them all down in a book for future generations to add too.  My Mom would regal us with stories of her aunts and uncles and cousins.  Surviving through the years were pictures of these people who died so very long ago.  It’s so cool to know what my Great-Great Grandparents looked like.  What I love most is how the pictures show the “Vintage” of the time (That’s for you Jackie, lol).

The Little a dress 🙂

This was always my favorite picture of my Great-Uncle B.  He’s the cutest baby.  What was really neat for me is that through the old pictures I can see the baby he was to the Father he became.  A lifetime in photos.

The suffragettes

The Styles of the early 1900’s.  When long heavy dresses and big hates were all the rage!

The Bizzy Izzy Ball - 1905

This pictures makes me think that in only 12 years some of these boys would be fighting World War I.  It would be the first and maybe last time this kids would be seeing the world…through the eyes of war.

And this last picture is awesome because it’s of my Grandmother when she was a little girl of maybe 5 or 6 years of age.  It’s the 19th Century and the big gift to Mom or Dad for Christmas would have been this Tin Photo.  What’s so wonderful for me is that the photos still exist, I know who most of them were and that I carry all of these people around in my heart!


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