Turned Over Half A Century

I’m a nut and I admit it.  For most of my life I have been a fan of Soap Operas.  I got hooked on the “stories” when my Mom watched As The World Turns and The Guiding Light.  Later on in my pre-teens I watched The Young and the Restless and Search For Tomorrow with my older sister.  In the early 80’s I switched to All My Children, One Life to Live and Oh yeah…General Hospital.  Mostly I just watched GH.

As The World Turns and GL had a special place in my heart though.  Lucinda Walsh (aka Mary Ellen Walters) was a force to be reckon with.  She loved her Daughters with a passion and she came from nothing but made something of herself.  Over the years the greatest love match that Lucinda ever had been for me…Dr. John Dixon.  John was a core character who was once a bad guy but he kind of reformed.  He and Lucinda were spectacular together!

Lucinda Walsh

The Romances over the years were pretty awesome too.  Bob and Kim (still together), Susan and Dan, Betsy and Steve, Sierra and Craig, Tom and Margo, Lyla and Casey (LOVED THEM!!!), Lily and Holden, Andy and Courtney and of course Barbara and Hal.  Sure these were older couplings but they just were that awesome!  In current years some of the same couples were still running strong (Holden and Lily and Bob and Kim).

Who could forget the incredible writing of Douglas Marland?  Certainly not I.   He gave us such romance and intense drama.  I miss him terribly.

Perhaps it’s just timing but with the passing of Helen Wagner (aka Matriarch Nancy Hughes) the passing of the show as well seems in a way iconic.  I’ll enjoy the coming weeks of ATWT until the Worlds spins for the very last time.  And when I feel lost in the world of crappy television I’ll pop in one of my DVD’s from the 80’s and remember that feeling and all those memories again and The World will Turn again for me.

Casey's Last Goodbye

Quote of the Day:
“Ah, what I’ve always wanted for my daughter…a man who brings his psychiatrist to his wedding.” ~ Susan talking about Royce, 1993, ATWT



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