Crazy Because It’s True

Sample Priest Picture...This is really Bing Crosby.

Yesterday I learned that someone I kind of knew through my Aunt died.  So I looked up his obituary.  I didn’t know him that well but my Aunt loved him bunches.  She died many years ago which was probably a good thing because this guy was accused of molesting a child.  He was one of THOSE Priests.  He wasn’t defrocked but he wasn’t allowed to participate in Priestly duties anymore.

While reading entries to his reception book that accompanies the obit I noticed that scores of people loved him in spite of his molestation.  The odd thing for me is as a Catholic (lapsed) we aren’t that forgiving, even though Jesus says we should be forgiving.  If this was just a guy in the congregation I think everyone would have pushed for censure and police involvement.  But because it’s a Priest different attitudes apply.

Personally anyone who picks on a weaker person is dirt in my book and the priest molestation scandal just made it worse.  They let pedophiles have full access to children, in some cases (Father Geoghan of Boston) they knew what he was doing and repeatedly gave him access to children.

I guess that leaves me with the question…if someone does something heinous can you still respect and like them?  I just know I couldn’t.

Quote of the Day:
Me:  “Mo Mo when are we going out Karaokeing?
Mo Mo:  “Um…Never.”



  1. It depends on the act… like if they steal a sandwich or something that’s “wrong” but forgiveable then yes. Rape, child molestation, murder, and other cruel acts. THEN HELL NO. I’m Cuban so I say, hang ’em all.

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