There Is No Way The Brady Bunch Were Irish!

My family is near and dear to my heart all the time.  We are a large group of extremely different personalities and this is why I love them most.  We’ve debated politics, sports teams, Chucks vs Nike and well you get the gamete of our topics.  I have to admit it was much more fun when Mom was alive because she thrived on it.   It was fun to see her all pumped up.  All of the world’s ills could be hashed out over a case of beer and a pot of coffee.  We’re Irish it’s how we roll.

My Family Kind of Looked Like This In the 70's

One of my brothers was in town this week and regaled me with stories of his youth and adulthood and we even debated some politics.  It takes me back to every Thanksgiving.  We’d finish off dinner and during desert just bounce from topic to topic over pumpkin pie and coffee.  This brother tells the funniest stories ever…like the time he and two of our cousins went to an Italian restaurant and he asked the maitre d’ in his best Italian accent…”Ci vorrebbe una tabella per tre.”  The maitre d’  turns to the guy behind him and says…”Hey Joey get these Irish people a table for three”.   He has a million of these types of stories.  I could listen to him for hours.

We’re all older now and everyone has lives of their own but when we get together I just look at them with awe and remember telling my Mother before she died that her greatest accomplishment in her life was her children and that she could be proud.  No matter what happened in life when Mom needed them they came rushing home.  I think we scored big time on the parental units and because of that we all turned out pretty okay.



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