Going Commando

I have a question.  Is it only celebrities or is it all Californians who do not like to wear underwear?  Seriously people what’s with the Commando action going on.

Hello David Beckham Wears Undies!!!

Apparently,  Perez Hilton got into trouble for posting a picture of Miley Cyrus getting out of a car and she wasn’t wearing any underwear so her lady business was just out there.  It was very icky and  pedophile like of Perez to post indecent pictures of a child on his site.  But then again Perez is a loser trying to be cool so it’s to be expected he’d be really creepy.

First let me say…hello,  people are following you and are looking for bad stuff about you to sell their pictures.  Secondly,  let me say my Mother would never have let me at 16 go out of the house without underwear on.  You know cause she had a brain and all so where in the heck is Miley’s Mom before she leaves the house?  Do they even live in the same house?  Yes I may be unfairly condemning Mrs. Cyrus but seriously how many child celebrities have imploded in the last 20 some years.

Let me get back to the boycott on undies thing.  Lindsay Lohan has been photographed many times without apparel and she’s not the only one.

I get that it’s hot in California and all but maybe celebrities should try walking around in bikinis.  At least this way the lady bits would be covered up.  I think it’s time for that Fruit of the Loom’s campaign to come back…”Whose Underwear Is Under There?”.  It’s really weird because some people where 4 boxer shorts because it’s cool.  Miley it’s okay to wear undies…really.

People in California going Commando is icky and very unsanitary!!!  Maybe this could be a Prop on the Ballot in November.



  1. Oh girl it’s Miley Cyrus. That little twerp will do anything for attention. And honestly you pose a good question because I don’t know anyone who walks around without underwear. And I live in Miami! So we have an excuse. It’s hot as hell over here.

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