Jesus Struck By Lightning…Crap I’m Screwed!

A six-story statue of Jesus was struck by lightning in Ohio.  What was God mad at his kid?  Did the boy do something wrong?  According to the zealots lightning strikes are synonymous with God’s wrath and anger.  So God is angry with Jesus or maybe Ohio…I’m not sure.

Oy Jesus is in trouble!

Remember all those zealot freaks who said that Haiti was struck by an earthquake because God was punishing them for being heathens or some stupid shit like that.  The Tsunami in Indonesia years ago that killed thousands was brought on by God’s wrath too.  I wonder what Ohio or possibly Jesus did to incur the wrath of God.

So to some up…if Jesus got struck by lightning by God that just means the rest of us are really F-ing screwed!!  Oh and I think God might need some anger management classes.



  1. Well, I sleep soundly at night knowing God didn’t strike Jesus with lightning because of my sins. Because I moved away from Ohio years ago. Now, if Jesus were burnt to a crisp in Massachusetts, that’d be a different story, and it’d be my fault. Probably. Fortunately, my fellow Bay Staters aren’t really the giant-Jesus-in-a-field type. Which is kind of why I moved here in the first place. Sorry, Ohio.

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