Lesbians Rock!

Yes this post is sure to become a diatribe in about five seconds!

It all starts with this article and fighting the ignorant religious right and all those “Defensive of Family, Marriage and whatever other crap they are defending” people.

The article is about a study that was funded by a variety of LGBT groups.  Not unlike the studies that are produced by the DoF and their ilk with one notable exemption, the author submitted her findings to peer review.

Anyway, the gist of the research was a 25 year study of Lesbian parents raising children.  It was concluded that they are not any worst than Heterosexual parents and interestingly enough their children were more content and happier than Heterosexual couples children.  The DoF people are up in arms because it goes in direct contrast to their ideology that Homosexuals could only raise demented and confused children who would become degenerates.

People here’s the real truth as to why these kids were possibly more adjusted.  It is because they faced adversity and dealt with it at an early age because of their Mothers love for each other.  They’ve also face discrimination and the views of hate mongering people.  And because of the issues they faced as a child they are prepared for the unkind world that really exists beyond childhood.  The counseling from their Lesbian parents who also face discrimination helps too.

DoF always chirp about One Mother, One Father but what good is that when neither parent is capable to be a parent.  In the findings it was noted that Lesbians choose when they have their children and they are normally older when having their children.  In Heterosexual relationships children are often conceived in not the best of circumstances.  Thus adding more pressure on the couple as they try to adjust to a child that was either a surprise, conceived when the parents are too young and immature or just not capable of being parents yet.

DoF also chirps about how it is important that children have a father’s influence.   In many cultures the Father does not play a role in child rearing.  Even the main voice boxes fall into these categories.  If you travel the country giving speeches and championing your causes how can you possibly be a full-time parent?  They would probably say that their children always come first.  Yet I can’t imagine how their “cause” and their children get equal time.  I’ve found parenting to be a full-time job for at least one of the parents.  Thus going back to their children are probably raised by others and not the Father/Mother dynamic they chirp on about.

Children will grow and be their own people regardless of who raises them.  Children in a nurturing and positive environment who have good roots of who they are as people will always excel in life regardless who raises them.  How many people struggled in poverty only to secure that their children wouldn’t know that hardship.  It’s the individuals who are committed to the raising of the children that make the difference whether they be LGBT or Straight.

It may be a bumper sticker phrase but it’s true.  Hate is NOT a family value.   Explaining to your children that all people are different in some many ways is a good thing to teach them.  We live in a multicultural country so perhaps if we all hated a little less we wouldn’t all be so pissed off all the time!

p.s. Go Flyers!


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