And It’s All Tied At TWO

Those boys in orange like to give me a heart attack sometimes but in the end they did the deed and pulled out a major victory.  The boys in Red didn’t do too bad either!  It’s weird but I just found out that Shane Victorino (Phillies Center Fielder)  lives in my ‘hood.  He’s been spotted all over town doing stuff.  I haven’t spotted him but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.  So now I know of to celebrities who live in my burg.  I might have to move from low self-esteem if more successful people move into the ‘hood.  Or not…moving sucks.

The Norwegian got FLYERED UP!

That’s his new Mob Name.  (See Here why my Troll has a Mob Name)

Can I ask what is with the 90 degree weather in June…it’s like frigging August out there!  I’ve even had to put on my air conditioner.  I keep running into these folks that say ‘after this past winter I’m not complaining about the heat’.  WTF…I’m complaining about the heat…a lot!  It sucks…so says the winter lovin’ girl!  I was forced to spend a lot of the spring indoors thanks to all the pollen so I’m not feeling the love.

Today I bond with family…which I love to do because well they are AWESOME!


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