I Have A New BFF And His Name Is Carlos

Just when I thought everything was awesome in Macworld wouldn’t you know that Windows would F-it up!   The only decent Windows Software has been XP Professional, in my opinion.  When I decided to go with the iMac it was a no-brainer because I could Bootcamp Windows 7.  Well it was a no-brainer on the Apple side but not so much on the Windows side.  It seems that when you click the “activate automatically” doesn’t work automatically.  I did some research after the Crash of 2010 (as it will forever be known as) and learned that you have to phone in the activation of Windows 7 if you Bootcamp.  Um, stupid much?

I'm iMac-a-licious

When my iMac crashed I was all sad that it would work and now I had no computer (lie…I have a netbook for travel, lol).  I worried all weekend that this would be the end of my lovefest with Mac and that I wouldn’t be Macalicious anymore.  Not to worry kiddies because on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday y’all) I called Apple prepared for the treatment I usually receive from Verizon and was taken a back by the cheerful voice of my new BFF Carlos…Apple’s Happy Technician.  Carlos was a sweetie who in five minutes had my Mac up and running.  I reinstalled my Snow Leopard and viola! I was Macalicious again!

Then I had to go back and tangle with Windows 7 again.  Armed with the before hidden information from Microsoft I hit the bootcamp trail again and now I’m good with both OS Systems.  This is all because Apple rocks!

So I’ve drunk the Kool Aid and joined the cult of Apple and along the way I made a friend (whom I’ll never see. Sort of like a chat room buddy, lol).


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