My Roommates Have That Odd Look About Them

So my Roommates (aka The Dogs) are giving me that once over again.  It seems when I go away and someone else watches them they get a taste of the other side of life.  I think to them it is much more interesting than looking at my tired surely face every day.

"I will get you next time...MWAH HA HA"

I walked in the door and the only thing they wanted from me was for me to let them outside.  When they came back in it was all.  Oh look who is home.  They went to their respective favorite areas and that was it until Mickie decided that whining at me for an hour was fun.  Whining is supposed to be a precursor to “I have to go out” or “I am hungry” but Mickie uses it as a weapon.  Her whine is more about “Hey were you doing something other than rubbing my head…too bad loser!”.

I love them both but sometimes I feel like I’m being double teamed by a crafty team of assassins.  Just saying.

p.s.  Derek and Nicole won the Mirror ball Trophy on Dancing with the Stars…oh shocking, not!  The entire season was lame 😦


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