Marry Me Phil

Okay I wasn’t the one getting married and the groom’s name isn’t Phil but other than those two things the title stands.

This weekend my niece got married.  I’m not sure when she stopped being seven years old but apparently, I’ve been told, she’s actually in her twenties.  I was like…wahoo…when did that happen?  It seems it happened progressively over the last twenty some years.  Like Yikes!!!

My family knows how to have a great time and what better place to have this good time but a wedding (we also have good times a funerals).  I laughed, drank, danced, wished the happy couple even more happiness (as if that was possible) and then danced  some more.

Congratulations Adam and Ashley on your happy life!


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  1. Jenn, Jenn

    I’m in and out of facebook so quickly most of the time that I never noticed your blog. What a treat! I will become a regular, devoted reader. This weekend was a blast and you are the bomb!! Looking forward to seeing you this summer when me and the girls go road-tripping.

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