My Wet Civic Duty

Who knew that Voting was so wet?  It sure wasn’t me.  It poured rain but I went out and did my Civic Duty and voted.  Did you?

I even had an adventure and a complement while doing what all Americans should have done yesterday.  When I got out of the car I was looking out at the field instead of in front of me and I stepped in this puddle.

The Voting Puddle

This puddle is deceptively deep.  The water went up to the top of my ankle and my shoe and sock absorbed, well it felt like, a gallon.

I felt so stupid that I started to laugh at myself and by the time I reached the front door of the polling place I was smiling from ear to ear.  When I entered the greeter man said…”You get the prize for happiest voter today”.  Little did he know I was grinning like an a-hole because I am an a-hole.  I said thanks and went about my business of voting.  Turn out was really low because of the rain but hey that’s just an excuse.  People if you don’t vote…don’t bitch!

I vote because my family has always answered the call to arms when it came to protecting that very right.  Wouldn’t it be absolutely arrogant of me to not vote and say yeah thanks bub for like getting shot at and all…catch ya on the rebound?

This was  a primary but that is just as important as the general elections.  So people come November get out there and exercise that right that so many people throughout the world do not get…A VOTE, A SAY, A VOICE!

Don’t be an ass…just do it!

PS…The Flyers Rock!!!


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