Reading Is Fundamental

RIF. It’s been 30 years and still I have that commercial embedded in my head.  You know the one with the book mobile.  Right now I’m reading a book I read every year.  It’s so awesome that I just like to refresh every year with the tale of young Victor Frankenstein.  A man who never asked if he should and then couldn’t stop it when it did happen.  Jurassic Park used a reference to Mary Shelley’s masterpiece “Your Scientists were too preoccupied with whether they could then never asked themselves if they should”.

Reading is a love I developed as an adult.  Being dyslexic made my childhood reading a major challenge that zapped the fun out of the glory of books.  But when I was in high school I had a Nun who said that I gave myself an excuse not to enjoy the books.  She pointed out a very important fact and that was THAT I COULD READ.  I just read slower than others.  I was 17 when I read a book that changed my view of reading.  The Chosen by Chaim Potok and a love was born.  We then read Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth and I haven’t stopped reading since then.

It’s true that I’m a fan of certain authors because they use an economy of words.  I’ve never understood using eighteen adjectives to describe the flower or the smell in the air.  I get it the flower is pretty or blue and the air is dank or light and pure.  I’m more about the story unfolding than about individual descriptions.  That’s just me though.

There is this author that I stumbled across when I was at Barnes and Noble.  I’d never read any of her books before but the cover just jumped out at me.  That book was “The Sunday List of Dreams” and it just stayed with me long after I read it.  I had to read more of this authors books, in fact, I read all of her books.  My favorite was “Annie Freeman’s Traveling Funeral” because these women could have been people I’ve met in my life.  The characters are real and engaging.

That amazing author who adds to my love of reading is Kris Radish.  If you haven’t read her books I urge you to do so.  The characters are amazing and fun.  Kris Radish is a true gift!



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