What’s For Breakfast…Why a Caffiene IV drip of course!

The sun is shining this morning.  The birds are singing this morning and I’m like STFU already.  It’s like Monday Morning yo’s!  I turn on the news and see my local news hawks all smiling and cheery like they are all hopped up on Lithium and I’m like…It’s MONDAY morning yo’s!  Perhaps if I was administered caffeine through an IV while I was still a sleep I would have woken up in a much more pleasant mood.  As that didn’t happen I’m like Oscar the Grouch on steroids this morning.

Me on Monday

One would think with the amount of sleep I got this weekend that I would have been Mary “F’ing” Poppins waking up but oddly enough I was more Sybilish than anything else.

As the waves of caffeine sooth my shattered Monday morning grouchiness I see that the sun isn’t really that bad.  Okay I have sunglasses on but I’m sure it’s not all that bad…at least it’s out.  The only thing that hasn’t improved is the driving of others that I must contend with on the way to work.  Although, now that I think about it…perhaps…just perhaps they all had the same morning I did.  I really should be forgiving then…right?   TBD later.

Rise and shine kiddies I’m awake, out in the world and ready to do some serious damage!

Quote of the Day:

“BAZINGA!” ~ Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory


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