Lost in the Laugher

I have trouble with Mother’s day since my Mom died.  Let’s just say it brings back all those moments when I was a kid that I was forced to do a Father’s Day present at school.  My father died when I was really little so this was like…painful and stupid.  I even had one teacher who made me do the project even though I said I don’t have a Dad to give it too.  She asked if I had a brother or an uncle.  I said yes and she cleverly retorted than give it to him.  I was 8 and new better than that poor excuse for an adult.

I have a couple of friends who also lost their Mothers and last night we got pissed ass drunk.  We laughed together, cried together and made some toasts to our Moms.  They are a great group of women and I’m honored to count them as friends.  It’s good to be able to laugh so hard I fall off the chair.  It eases the pain of losing such and awesome woman as my Mom.

So I wish my Mom a Happy Mother’s day in Heaven!


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