Coming Out As A Proud Black Woman

A friend of mine just found out she may be black.  Not like African-American Black…like 1/8th or some smaller percentage.  She’s sure it counts any way and she’s embracing the diversity that is now her life.  We drank a toast and celebrated her new-found ethnicity. We are cool like that.  Of course she still hates gays.  Okay…she doesn’t really.  In fact, I think she’s got a shirt already for Pride that says “Straight But Not Narrow”.

I thought to myself I have quite an eclectic band of friends.  Some funny, some hysterical (Um…that would be you B) and some who love me in spite of my birth defect.  I was diagnosed at an early age with asswipeitis.  I can’t help myself…it’s a medical condition.  Yes, I realize that it hasn’t been certified by a competent doctor but my Bartender is sure the diagnoses was correct.  And lets face it I see her more than the doctor and she’s definitely certifiable in her own way.

Quote of the Day:

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that’s all.” ~ Oscar Wilde


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