The One Where I Post About My Dogs

I have this dog that is super sweet…well only to me.  You see she suffers from “Napoleon Complex“.  She’s little and yet thinks she’s huge.  She’s not.  Mickie is also extremely territorial.  But with me she’s a little snuggle bunny who radiates far too much body heat.  Although it comes in handy during the winter.

The Schmenkenator

Mickie isn’t a biter or mean or anything…in fact she loves people.  She’s a barker though and she sounds aggressive and it turns people off.  One of may neighbors said ‘don’t worry she’ll grow out of it”.  Then asked me how old Mickie is…’She’ll be 8 in two weeks’ I responded with a smile.  “Oh, maybe not” my neighbor smiled back.

Mickie was a pet shop dog.  My guess is she came from a puppy mill of some kind and her parents were related to each other.  It’s okay though…I love her and she’s good to me.  I don’t have issues with crapping and peeing on the floor or any destructive chewing behavior and she like the other dog so all it well in our home.

Willow's cool cause she lets me dress her up 🙂

The other dog…she’s a pistol.  They say your dogs eventually take on your personality.  I can tell you this is the truth.  Willow and I are the same.  We are both loads.  Willow is so laid back she’s practically in a coma.  Everyone loves her because she’s short and fuzzy and has the sweetest disposition.  I always said I wanted a dog that didn’t require a leash.  Willow is that dog.  She waddles behind me and you can see she thinks about running after that rabbit or squirrel in the yard but then thinks…’too much work involved’.  Yeah she’s fun like that.

I love my dogs and we’ll I want the blog world to know…that I need therapy 😉

Quote of the Day:
“And I remember thinking to myself…this is the beginning of happiness…this is where it starts and of course there will be always be more.  Never occurred to me that it wasn’t the beginning. It was happiness. It was the moment, right then.” ~ Clarissa, The Hours


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