Puking Rainbows

I went to a carnival last night and got the requisite fare of Cotton Candy and Funnel Cake.  Did you know if you eat too much Cotton Candy it will make you puke?  I didn’t know that.  The whole fair was a whirl wind of frenzied activity.  The rides, the colored lights blinking and the games were all so over whelming to a person who usually is just under whelmed and enjoys it ever so much.

I took this with my phone. I should so be a professional photographer...of zombies.

The music was blaring and my feet were tapping along.  An odd thing for me was going back to the old neighborhood for this Carnival.  It was kind of cool seeing so many familiar faces.  I saw five people I went to grade school with who were enjoying the festivities with their children just as we had enjoyed those times with our parents.  Very cool.

The ultimate plus about the carnival…no killer Zombies!

p.s.  I totally blame The Bloggess for my Zombie obsession.  Woman what have you done to me!


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