I Saw A GD Zombie This Morning

This is a true story.  I saw an authentic GD Zombie this morning zombie walking on the major road in my Burg.  Seriously he was dressed like the Unibomer and he was doing that creepy zombie walk that zombies do.

I know what you are thinking…you are thinking he could have just been a regular non-zombie type who was half a sleep and in desperate need of coffee.  That’s what my work mates said.  Sure you would think that because you are Zombie Non-Believer or a ZNB.  But Jenny The Bloggess is a believer and I’m pretty sure she put these crazy thoughts in my head because I am extremely susceptible to this kind of thing.

I didn’t go after the Suburban Zombie because I was going to be late for work so if he eats anyone’s brains out because of this please take it up with my Boss.

On equally important news.  My iMac and I have begun our love-fest.  We hope for many years of lovefestiness!  (should I be alarmed that the spell suggestion for lovefestiness was bloodthirstiness?)  Total Zombie shit going on here ya’ll!

In non Zombie related news, Jake got bounced from DWTS.  I didn’t really like that guy so I’m not sad to see him go.  Bye Jake I’d feel sorry for you but you are wealth and handsome pilot and I’m a couch potato with no ambition so I figure things are going to be just fine for ya.



  1. Sooooo….. I think you may have seen me in the morning. I’ve been accused of being zombie like before my coffee. I’m not a morning person. … which now that I type that … kindof makes me thinkg I have just one more zombie quality! 😉 love the post!

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