On The Verge

So I’m on the verge of really being iMac-ified.  No…really…this time I mean it!  Switching to the iMac from PC has been kind of well weird feeling.  I’m still trying to set up having access to Windows via the Apple using bootcamp.  This is where I am on the verge.

I was stopped dead in my tracks because my ancient keyboard I use for my PC is a PS plug-in not a USB like the mouse.  Yeah I know it’s very sad how long I waited to get a new computer.  Any who, I need to borrow a keyboard that is USB able.  So the project is halted yet another day.  I’m okay with the big change but I find it to be a very expensive proposition.  Every once in a while I get that voice in my head saying to me…’who are you fooling you are a PC girl’.  To wit I respond…fuck off and get out of my head!  Yes indeed I am a border line crazy person. Thanks for noticing.

It would be easier if I knew an Apple geek to hold my hand during the transition but alas I am on my own in the middle of a strange land.  Worst case scenario I drink too much vodka and give up the battle to the Geek Squad.

Wish me luck ya’ll I’m going back in!


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