I’m Boot Camp-a-licious!

Yeah Baby!  All the cost and angst involved with having my new iMac and whoosh it’s all gone with Parallels and bootcamp.  I can run windows and mac os at the same time from Mac.  It was easier than I thought and now I will be able to easily access my windows programs that I still need without any hassle.  Well except I have to load all the programs on my windows platform.  It’s all good though.

I forgot to put on DWTS tonight and missed who got bounced.  Thanks to Facebook I got an instant answer that it was Jake.  I was worried about Neicy but she’s going to dance another day.  Now I’m off to bed and hoping the rest of my week is tame and nice.  I’m not holding my breath though…I used up all my good luck on my computer, lol.


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