You’ve Got A Friend

This past weekend I was feeling a bit down.  The usual factors in play made me less incline to be fun.  That’s where my friends came into play.  We all gathered at the T Pub for a round of beers and some bug juice.   Once the laughing started one would be hard pressed to find a way to make it stop.  My friend B was so funny I think I may have peed myself just a little.  I know for sure I fell off the bar stool more than once.  That woman is freaking hilarious.

I wish I could post the pictures that I took of B doing her best Super Hero impression but she would kill me and I like being alive so they remain hidden in the official vault at the Super Hero Hall of Super Heroismish.

Any way, the whole point to my ditty is that it got me out of my funk, if  only for a little while.  Thank you Friends of Extraordinary Super Heroes Powers!


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