Sorry I Was Distracted By Naked Yoga

Whew…what a busy weekend.  Instead of my usual fair of a Saturday adventure followed by spending all day Sunday on the sofa this weekend I started things off on Friday night.

A friend is going through a difficult time so we chilaxed by drinking a lot and then I was possessed by the Lordess of the Dance.  I would like to thank all my fans at the T Club for their encouragement to cut loose and follow my dream.  I would also thank Jack who is more awesome than Ricky Martin and has like 14 more dance moves than him.  Jack you are my dream Dancing with the Stars dance partner.  No one dances to ‘Livin’ La Viva Loca’ like JD!  What can I say…he lets me lead 😉

Jack and Ricky are practically twins

Because of my exploits on Friday I was rewarded with two Charlie Horses.   It was worth all the dancing if it made L feel better, if for only a couple of hours.

Saturday I made new friends and hung out with an old one.  I learned some things.  The first thing is I have no sense of direction.  Well, that’s not completely true, I’m good with the direction backward.  Second thing I learned was that “Read My Mind” is the second best disco song evah (Number one is of course Ms. Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, duh!)!

It was a gorgeous weekend weather wise and if you exclude allergies it was a perfect weekend.

p.s.  WTF is up with Hot Naked Yoga?  I went to find info on Charlie Horses and there was this chicks butt with the caption Hot Naked Yoga next to it.  Hey, I guess everyone have their hobbies and some just do them nakedly (yes I made up that word, sheesh, stop judging me!).


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