Willow’s Broken Toe – Part Two and Other Crap

Willow is still limping around but not as dramatically as yesterday.  It’s weird because she reminded me so much of when the Fonz hurt his knee and didn’t want to walk on it because he made that uncool face.  They were like twins.

Last night I had great plans to get many things done.  Yeah, well the only thing I really got done was the dishes and my butt firmly placed on the sofa.  If procrastination was an Olympic sport I would so take the gold.  Procrastination was my gift from the gods.  I personally would have preferred Beauty, Brains or Musicality but no I got Procrastination and acerbic wit.  This is why I specifically surround myself with friends that have BB & M.  Maybe tonight I can actually accomplish something.

Wish me luck!


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