It’s Funny Because It’s A Penis

I explain the title for this post below.  So if all you are looking for is the penis scroll down.

This weekend I went to a couple of Museums in town.  Nothing says a Saturday in spring like Dinosaurs 🙂  That’s what was at the Academy of Natural Sciences.  If you have kids this is a great museum.  I only went because I’ve never been,  so I didn’t know it’s geared toward children, of which, I’m not.  Well chronologically I’m not a child but mentally I’m about 12.

The thing I liked the most besides the Dinosaurs was the Butterfly Exhibit.  They are just flying around and buzzing everybody.  You have to watch where you step because sometimes they just land on the floor.  It was way cool though.  I’ve never seen so many different types of butterflies.

I headed over to that famous fountain from The Sixth Sense.  You know the movie…”I see dead people”.  I’ve driven by it bunches of times but never really got a close up look at it.  It’s really cool by the way.

Then I headed over to the Franklin Institute.  It’s has stuff for kids and stuff for adults.  I love the Train exhibit and of course the GIANT HEART.  I remember this one from the last time I was at the Franklin Institute….35 years ago, lol.
And I remember the Pendulum too.  Some of the classics are still floating about the old Museum.

I decided I would see Body Worlds 2.  It’s a freaky kind of exhibit.  These are real dead people who have donated their bodies to be used in the exhibit of what the body does and looks like on the inside.  There was even a pregnant woman who’s lungs looked like she should have never started smoking, yuck.  She must have died when her fetus was 5 months old because the baby was still there.

What I found the craziest thing was that the reaction of the other people viewing the exhibit.  There were folks who pointed and then giggled because the body of a man had…GASP!…a penis.  I heard one woman say to another, ‘OMG is that what I think it is?’.  Seriously you are wearing a wedding ring and you don’t know what a penis looks like?  I felt really bad for her husband right about then.  Or maybe I should feel bad for her, lol. The men were much less phased and didn’t giggle once when faced with boobs and a vagina.  I heard one man say to his wife who pointed out the vagina on one of the people in the exhibit ‘fair is fair’.

It’s nice to know that the word penis still illicit giggles from girls of all ages.  So I’ve been using it all day in this or that way.  You know…it is a funny word that makes me laugh.


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