Dancing with the B-Celebrities

I watched Dancing with the Stars last night and this crop of B or even C celebrities was okay.  The girl from the Pussycat Dolls was a ringer and I’ve deduced that Len is bi-polar.

Len started out all happy and kind and then like switch (hello director/producer) he turned into a nasty old man who didn’t get his rice pudding with dinner!  Seriously could the judges reactions be any more contrived.  First it was Bruno who was mean to the b-celebs.  He was boo’ed and when he seemed to not enjoy the booing the torch was passed to Len.  Not to mention that every year on every show the first three couples who dance get way lower scores than those later in the competition.  It’s a lot like my high school English teacher.  I’m sure she read the first several papers but after that she just gave everyone an A-.

My life has been reduced to this…complaining about Dancing with the B-Celebrities, sheeh!  Maybe I need to update my Bucket List.

From Yesterday’s ride home:

Me: I’m not going to turn yet.
Mo Mo Gurecki: I know.  You wouldn’t want to crash your new car.
Me: It’s okay it’s your side.
Mo Mo Gurecki: My husband wouldn’t like if you killed me.
Me: I’d never kill you on purpose, just on accident.
Mo Mo Gurecki: Good…Thanks.


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