A One-Legged Nun Walking A Goat

Don’t be confused by the title.  It’s a thing that goes back to 1986 with the movie My Chauffeur.

In that movie the secondary characters would play this game of finding oddities while driving.  The Rock star gets in trouble for stealing the underwear of an old lady. But it was part of the game after all, she was a blue lady walking a blue dog.  The Rock Star then proclaims that if he finds a One Legged Nun Walking A Goat he wins.

Which brings me to my point today….Today I saw a red man walking a red dog.  I didn’t steal his underwear but I’ve only got like 5 more and I win!  Don’t get me wrong, that one-legged Nun is the hard part…I know where to get a goat 😉


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