It’s Like A Bad Date

I was watching the news this morning and I think they found the flaw in their comprehensive take on Journalism.  Last week we had snow.  To be exact we had 6-8″ in the viewing area.  North if us got about 2-3′ of snow and that, well that is a lot of snow.

I bring this up because based on the hysteria of the local media they shut down schools and businesses closed.  Thus causing more damage to the local economies.  They told everyone to stay home and stay off the roads.  I of course ignored them and went to work both Thursday and Friday.  On Friday, the roads were completely cleared by 10-10:10 am.  Schools could have been on a 2 hour delay.  The smart schools let out at 1:30 pm. The local media had almost all day coverage on certain stations.  It is utterly absurd to watch a reporter trying to make clear roads dramatic.  The best they could come up with was a reporter standing by a massive mound of snow in a parking lot.  That snow was the culmination of several snow storms and all from a condensed area.  How exactly is that dramatic or, well, even news?

That brings me to this morning.  We might get another round of snow but this time they are all reserved about it.  Last week they were showing us 75 different tracks of a computer model.  Perhaps someone admonished them for their premature snowelation during their snowgasm.

Quote of the Day:

“The only thing I ever regret about you being my father is I inherited your tremendous nose.” ~ Iggie, Author, Author


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