Move Over Snowmageddon

…and make room for THE SNOWICANE 2010!

Was that dramatic enough?  It didn’t seem as dramatic as it should be did it?  Well the weather people  all look like they’ve just huffed and are high on potential snow amounts.  I think we are running out of really cool monikers for the snow storms of 2010 though.  Really…Snowicane?  Ha, I get it snow+hurricane, still lame in my book.  Once they gave us Snowmageddon how could anyone really top that.

Anyway in the panic of 2/24/10 I’m sure all of the bread will be bought, milk too and we will all be trapped for…a day like last time.  Kind of makes one wonder what it was like when the snow plow was being pulled by a horse?  Did the world end?  I’m pretty sure it didn’t cause like HERE I AM!!!  Hello….no over here…the hobbit that is waving at you!

So we wait and see what kind of precipitation is the order of Thursday and take bets around the water cooler at work as to which computer model the weather peeps spoke of is the actual track of the storm.  Is sure hope I win because that pool is like 14 cents now!!!

This quote I stole from my nephew who encountered an interesting bird at work yesterday.

Quote of the Day:

“When asked if she would like to donate to the Whole Planet Foundation, a middle-aged Republican woman responded that she couldn’t because Hillary Clinton is a homosexual.”


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