How Verizon Saved My Life

In my pursuit to save money I had decided to get rid of my landline and just use my cell phone.  I felt it redundant to have two telephones so I called Verizon to cancel my service…which is an entirely different story.

The first phone call went like this…

Automated Telephone Operator asking 10,000 questions all that seemed to have one answer…1.

I finally get to talk to a person (shocking I know) and Mike tells me he must transfer me to another department.  I heard click…and that was all.  Mike hung up on me.  Should I be concerned that a person who works for the phone company doesn’t know how to use the phone?  I digress.

So….I call back and now I’m bored with the 10,000 questions all of which I answer Operator.  When it appears the system doesn’t recognized my response of Operator as being I wanted to speak to an OPERATOR (aka) person I get frustrated and this is what happened next.

Me: If I don’t get to speak to an operator soon I think I’m going to kill myself.
Automated System: Okay I’ll connect you now.

Um WTF!!!  The automated system totally saved me from my suicidal tendency.  Which was either incredible timing or the system recognizes words such as suicide, death, murder, etc…you get the picture.  Which of course takes me back to WTF???

Anyway Verizon totally saved my life today…true story.  I sure hope the rest of my day goes as well 🙂

Quote of the Day:

“It’s as cold as my love for you.” ~ Principle Skinner’s Mom talking to Seymour, The Simpsons


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