Mistress of the Wii

Okay maybe not so much when I compete against the kids but when I play alone…yeah…I’m awesome!  Or at least the dogs think so.  They like to bark in jubilation for me as I amass one victory after another.  All I need is ‘We Are The champions’ playing in the background as I conquer Wii Resorts Archery to complete the picture.

Sure my table tennis is a lot to be desired but my flying skills have been nothing short of fabulous!  My head is so inflated with puffery that I can’t seem to get the giant bulb through the door :0)  Yeah I’m that great.

…until the boy comes in an says…can I play.  Then I am demoted to sucktacular status once again and I slink away broken and defeated.  Damn those kids and their lightening reflexes!

Quote of the Day:

“If I’m not back in 10 minutes…wait longer.” ~ Scooter


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