I’m A Special Kind of Shithead

I am such a dolt, crap weaselly shithead.  I forgot the Boy’s birthday.  How in the hell could I forget the Boy’s birthday?  Not 4 days earlier I was whining on how he didn’t tell me yet what he wanted for said birthday and then the day came…and the day went.

With the other members of my family I usually send un-birthday cards because I’m slower than molasses on a good day but on their actual birthday I remember them.  Could it be Alzheimer’s?  Okay…probably not but I’m looking for a line here people!

He’s cool with it though…he’s double digits and apparently forgiveness of stupidity kicked in.  It only last until they are 14 but at least I’m in the zone so I’ve got a fighting chance!

So to the Boy…I’m sorry I’m an idiot!  Happy Birthday to you. Thank you for not hating me and yes I will buy you a pony 🙂

p.s. It is snowing again…ARE YOU F-ing Kidding Me???


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