The Cold and The Cold

Sure what’s the diff.  Both are annoying and agitating.  I’ve still got my cold on day 8 and I think I’ve coughed up enough junk to make my house labeled toxic waste area.  Yes I know that’s gross people but grow up it’s a disgusting world out there.

If having a cold day 8 isn’t  enough of a pita how about the fact with wind child it’s 6 degrees outside.  Yep, we went from near 60’s to 6.  Well at least I am following the theme of 6’s.  Perhaps I’ll watch “The Omen” tonight and complete the 6’s with a 666.  It might be a devil of a good time.  Yes…I went there!

So tomorrow I’ve decided my life isn’t exciting enough so I’m going to have a round of medical tests.  Just routine stuff but still could my life suck any more than it does now?  I think that a person is official “old” once Dancing at the Disco is replaced with a mammogram and blood work on wild Saturday!  Heck I may just kick it up a notch and break out the Bengay!

Yes…it does suck to be in Middleageville!


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